"Walking in Your Shoes" - Systemic Constellation

Most of us grew up in traditional family structures, but now live in new, sometimes quite different structures. We have absorbed the values of our family with our mother's milk, and while many are very useful, some do not fit into our lives anymore. A heteronormative society, which is hostile to pleasure, has left its mark on us from the beginning - so the more we discover what kind of sexual encounters make us happy, the more we come into conflict with the values we have been given. Internalized shame and feelings of guilt influence our behaviour and make the free expression of our sexuality unnecessarily difficult.
If we give free rein to our desires and longings, many entanglements can arise on the relationship level, making our love life more complicated than it should be.

With the constellations we make very valuable contributions to the solution of typical problems from the sex-positive world. 
Thanks to Thomas’ experience in over 20 years of work as a gay tantra and sex coach, the room is especially open for all gay/lesbian/bi/trans/queer topics.

A warm welcome for everybody! (German and English)