Leave busy, fast paced city living behind you, and join us, Sadhu and THORsten, on a deep journey to connect to the er0tic essence of life and nature!

Meet yourself as the wild force of LOVE!

Illuminate your body with presence, pl∈asure, and feeling!

Turn off your Smartphone and deep dive into 6 days/5 nights of transformational experience!
This special Summer Solstice shamanic, sacred s∈xuality retreat will ground you in the power, magic, and medicine of deep experiences of embodied togetherness with other GBTQ+ men!

A deliciously expansive week of Men/Love/Nature/Ritual

Bathe in the essence of the big force of LOVE inside of  you, others, and in the world!
Surrender to the felt experience of LOVE in your body!

Explore LOVE as a universal force for care, kindness, generosity, growth, authenticity, and transformation, that is never not with you!

THORsten and Sadhu will guide and support you through ceremony and ritual process to liberate your desires & longings to live & love in your freedom, power, and beauty!

We come together  in the south of Germany at Vogelhof (near Ulm).
The retreat location is a retreat already in itself. It is a friendly community space, set in the centre of an awesome wild nature reserve.

You’ll delight in this week of er0tic bodywork, movement, breath, dance, nature rituals & eco-s∈xuality, core/essence exploration, pelvic & heart activation, touch, connection & community.

We’ll guide you in dissolving mental preconceptions and limited self identity structures, and in melting into the realness & authenticity of raw & unmasked togetherness,
As animals
As men
As soul travellers
As lovers of life!
Each day we will unpack a specific theme that relates to your spiritual growth and embodiment.


What will I experience?
*Pl∈asure in breaking free.
*Rest in deep places of at home-ness in yourself.
*Greater trust in life and death.
*Deeper connection to the subtle ‘in between spaces’, between identity roles, between the seen and unseen.
*Sharing support with others and remembering you’re supported by life.
*Dropping out of your mind, into your body, and into felt experience.
*Allowing life and pl∈asure in, and to flow throughout your body.
*Letting go of what no longer serves you.

You’ll connect with the beauty of your vulnerability and power, and how it supports you to build trust in yourself and in relating.

Come celebrate your playfulness & curiosity, and reclaim your ecstatic freedom to come home to the nourishment of brotherhood!

Come and make way for the magic of togetherness!



This is a GBTQ+ retreat that is open to any adult who identifies as a man!
You may experience many of the practices and processes in this retreat as h0m0er0tic.
You are never required to touch or be touched by someone you don’t wish to share touch with, or be touched in any way that is not of your choosing. You are always encouraged to play within your boundaries. And, we invite you to open to, and explore the possibilities of experience you can create when you let go of preconceived ideas.
In this retreat we ask you to take full responsibility for the choices you make in how you participate.
You’ll be encouraged to focus on your experience of your own er0tic energy in your body, and to let go of any agenda for s∈xual interactions or fulfilment of attractions.
Much of this retreat is clothing optional.


Is this retreat for me?
WILD CREATURES OF LOVE is an advanced Retreat.
You are required:
*To have previously attended workshops with THORsten, Sadhu, Gay Love Spirit, or have had a deep experience in similar groups.
*To have basic experience in consent and communication practices.
*To have experience in navigating your own boundaries and those of others.
*To have a desire to deepen in sensitivity to yourself, others, and life.

The retreat is Alcohol and drug free.
If you have any concerns about joining the retreat, contact Sadhu or THORsten for a video chat.

Jun 18, 2024, 5:00:00 PM
Jun 23, 2024, 2:00:00 PM
€595.00 (Early Bird)
€695.00 (Standard Price)
(10 Places)

Concession: We offer 3 tickets at 30% discount (from the full price) for those experiencing financial difficulties. If you need one, write an email at: social@gaylovespirit.org

1 - Your own tent or caravan: 290,- Euro (you will have to bring everything you need)

3 - Double or triple room: 395,- Euro

4 - Single room: 495,- Euro

5 - Single room with private bathroom: 595,- Euro. Only one is available.

All prices include two meals a day (brunch + dinner, first day is dinner only and last day is brunch only), bedding and towel.

It is possible to arrive one day earlier and/or stay a day longer. In this case the prices for food & board will change accordingly.

Thorsten Sheranius

Thorsten Sheranius (Leader)