Zephyrs Garden @ Aya House near Maspalomas

Embodied tantric experiences

Overlooking the Valley of a Thousand Palms, immerse yourself in a wonderful sensual week. We spend 6 days lovingly cared for in the Canary Islands mountains. Our group process is supported by the inspiring scenery of the surrounding nature. Clarity, power and beauty accompany us. We will be well nourished on all levels.

Each day begins with a movement practice and meditation. These sessions gently increase flexibility and flood the body with good energy for the rest of the day.

Morning and afternoon sessions focus on learning tantric massage techniques. The approach is hands-on and similar to our Art of Erotic Touch workshop.

The evening session is all about sensual interaction with your own body, inner and outer touch, rituals and free erotic play. In order to preserve the element of surprise, we won't reveal all the details at this point, only this much: you can look forward to a wealth of extraordinary experiences with the other men in Zephyr's garden.

The spiritual dimension is also given space in our group events. In exchange and in conversations you have the possibility to express what touches you, but also what burdens you, and thus open space for tantric transformations. We are always there to support and accompany you with heart, body and soul.
Our experienced, international team brings joy and ease, with loving humor, warm-heartedness, lightness of being and the pleasure of rhythm and music to support you every step of the way.


When the six days are over, it’s still going on in Maspalomas!

After our wonderful days in the mountains, the group leaders and assistants will be available for another three days in Maspalomas (24th – 27th) to nurture and build on our new connections and perhaps to meet more interesting men.

We offer to meet in the morning for breakfast together, where we also discuss our plans for the day – we can enjoy the dunes and the nightlife together, go hiking on the island and so on. If you want to plan your own days but still want to meet in the morning, you are also welcome!

We have reserved the Vintage Maspalomas Gay Men Only Resort for all of us! 4 bungalows for 2 to 3 people. And 4 new rooms for 1 to 2 people that are still being renovated. In total we can be there with 18 men. And yes, since we booked the whole resort, we will enjoy the days among ourselves and our guests very much!

The costs per person will be about 55-65 Euros per night. The final price will depend on the occupation. We will try to keep it afordable for everyone.

For other wishes, like single rooms, or shorter stays please proceed with your booking on your own.

If you would like to join us for these 3 extra days of relaxation and fun, please write an email to Nico (info@gaylovespirit.org) with the subject "Extra Zephyrs Garden 23".