Sex within workshops

Sexuality is the basis of most workshops. To invite, awaken and transform pleasure and sexual energy is important to us. We regard sexual energy as the central source of life.

In our workshops you learn to work consciously with this energy and how to connect to yourself and others in a deeper way. We have developed exercises and rituals designed to help you expand toward new experiences and to bring more awareness to habitual, self-limiting patterns. We want to support you in embracing what you really want and in shedding what doesn't serve you anymore.

This occurs in a safe setting, within which you learn to recognize, respect and communicate your own desires and boundaries as well as those of others. At the same time our rituals and exercises invite you to explore, empower, challenge and possibly expand your personal boundaries. You decide how far you want to go with that and we are committed to support you in the process. The trainers guide the participants of the group in a protected setting. They never engage in sexual interaction with the participants.

Step by step, this will enable you to be more free and open for pleasure or less self-conscious and inhibited. Gradually, the spiritual dimension of sex can become more available.

We acknowledge and say yes to all forms of sexuality (except of course those governed by violence or lacking consent).
All men - gay, bisexual, intersexual, transexual or heterosexual - are welcome to our programs.