Gay Love Spirit is an international network of trainers and healers. We create safe settings, in which men can consciously explore with other men the interplay of sex and spirit. For that purpose we offer workshops, trainings and individual sessions.

Here and now

The goal of all of Gay Love Spirit’s body, energy and consciousness work is the welfare and personal development of the men who come to us. Our main emphasis is on developing the interrelationship of sexuality, freedom and spirituality.

In addition to Gay Love Spirit’s more ‘traditional’ body and Eros workshops we have also developed courses that focus on the social aspects of spiritual and gay life. GLS also regularly runs a range of workshops which support dealing with the problem of tension in relationships.

It is also the goal of the GLS project to explore ways of combining spiritual and gay life and to bring a more spiritual consciousness into the gay scene. We hope to help people find ways to live fully in their sexual identity in all areas of their lives.

We are guides and companions

We see ourselves as guides and companions on your journey rather than as therapists, and we bring our expertise and life experience to bear in all the individual sessions, workshops, retreats and training we run. We value the knowledge, abilities and experience of our participants. Our approach is transpersonal: we don’t deliver our knowledge from the front, as in a classroom situation, rather we try to feel how best to bring all our participants and the training team to a place of wellbeing. We are all engaged in a constant process of self-development, insofar as we all follow the path of our own experience, and thus we also take part in all the transformational processes that arise in our work. Sometimes we are the navigators, but sometimes we are merely all passengers in the same boat.

Our agenda is diversity

Diversity is also the keyword for the length of the sessions we offer. From workshops and fun events that run over a weekend or just for one evening to regular weekly groups or week-long retreats such as the Summer or Winter Eros. We also offer long-term training and education courses to support the men to integrate their personal growth into their everyday lives.

Our trainers come to us from many different backgrounds. They have undergone various training programmes and bring their own very personal experience in dealing with people to our work. This is an essential part of what makes Gay Love Spirit so unique. Our standards are high because we want to offer the right package to the many men who show an interest in our work. We aim to offer gay and bisexual men a programme that is supportive, constructive and underpins their future development in all the important areas of their lives.

Our fundamental principles are that we do not judge how you live your life, nor are we selling any one philosophy of life. We seek to support you in going through life with awareness, sexual freedom, love, health and happiness. We are pleased to be your companion on your journey into your life.

Be inspired by the gay cultural rainbow

The list of countries where we now run activities includes Germany, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Israel and Cuba.

In most cases, the workshops and training sessions are run in the local language with translation into English. On our weekend workshops, roughly two thirds of participants are from the host country, with one third coming from other countries. Our major events are renowned for their strong multinational participation levels: at the Summer and Winter Eros we have often around 30 men from more than 15 nations and were able to learn a lot from one another and with one another.

So what are you waiting for?