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is a gifted free style autodidact in various disciplines. 
After growing up in Arezzo, Italy, Nico enjoys living in Berlin togehther with a bunch of open-minded people with different cultural backgrounds. Loving good food and sensual touch brings him together with the right people. 
Nico has started recently to support Gay Love Spirit Booking Office with a lot of patience and a clear mind. 

In his freetime, Nico loves to sit in the Garden, watching the flowers and playing guitar… 



Title: Booking Office, Organisation & Support

E-mail: nico [at] gaylovespirit.org




Thomas is more than 20 years on the tantric path. He loves networking so in 2004 he founded Gay Love Spirit. His trainings and education brought him into contact with many teachers:
- Bodhi Ebermann (Tantra for Gay Men / 2-year Orgodynamik- Training)
- Veeresh Denny Yuson-Sanchez, Premdip M. Simon and Aamod W. swath (Encounter training at the Human University in Egmond aan Zee / NL, three-year training incl AUM Meditation Leader Training)
- Lotte Lore Cording (three-year training in systemic therapy)
- Samarona Buunk (one-year training in couples therapy)
- Ramateertha Doetsch (Supervision in Systemic Constellations)
- Dr. Albrecht Mahr (one-year training Systemic Constellation Work)
He is also influenced by Jovana Wex (Lotus-Tantra), Margod Anand (Skydancing), Martin Siems (Souling), Body Electric with Body Electric Europe, Kai Ehrhardt (breathwork and Authentic Eros), Gabrielle Roth (Five Rhythms), Peter Levine (trauma therapy), Kurt Cipriano Hörmann (MFL © morphic field reading)

Thomas labor of love is to bring men on their way to self-determination, fulfilled sexuality and to accompany them into free and happy relationships.
Thomas gives workshops since 1997. He lives in Berlin.


Mobile: ‎+49 (0) 176 36 32 72 94

E-mail: thomas [at] gaylovespirit.org

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Thorsten Sheranius

Thorsten Sheranius

Thorsten is a designer, cinematographer, sacred intimate and a qualified Yoga teacher in the Yoga Videa School (Swami Shivananda). Since 2009 Thorsten focused on the connection between sexuality and spirituality. After participating in many Gay Love Spirit workshops, he went on to complete their two-year training programme in 2010/2011. Thorsten leads the Video-Angels Project. He has filmed the two-year training. Thorsten offers erotic massages and Sacred Intimate sessions in Frankfurt. His sessions are a dynamic combination of hot erotic touch, breathing, sounding, angels, crystals and Aura Soma. Thorsten is a trainer in many of the Gay Love Spirit Workshops. 


Title: Gay Love Spirit Trainer, Erotic Masseur

Mobile: +49 163 793 55 10

E-mail: thorsten [at] gaylovespirit.org

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Moxe, born in Tel-Aviv, lives in Barcelona. For the last 10 years he is facilitating different workshops, retreats and evenings in Gay Love Spirit around relationships, systemic work, body consciousness and massage techniques. Moxe lives in a rural-urban collective, he did his Master studies in conflict management in Berlin with a focus on community building and group facilitation. Since then he learned among other things tantric work, osteopathy and systemic ritual (a method related to family constellation). He develops the sensual osteopathy method that connects the corporal, emotional and spiritual body to reach harmony and healing on all levels.


Mobile: +972544590102 (WhatsApp only)

E-mail: moxe [at] gaylovespirit.org

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Hanns is actually a specialist for IT security and works for an international startup where he advises customers on identity management. Since he attended his first Tantra course on the island of Ischias more than 5 years ago, he has been gripped by "Tantra fever".

He had completed his 2 year Tantra training at GayLoveSpirit in 2015.

He brought in his experience as a trainer and co-trainer in workshops, tantra festivals, tantra evenings and individual sessions.

In his blog you can read the latest news about his work as a Tantra trainer.




Title: Tantric Masseur and Trainer

Mobile: +49 157 52664227‬

E-mail: hanns [at] gaylovespirit.org

Web: https://tantra4men.de



Yousef was born and raised in Beirut. He was living the Spirit of a rebel - coming Out as a gay man in the Arab world. As a  member of the first Gay Organisation in the Middle East he felt how important it is to be  supported by other brave Gay Men.
Youssef has joined tantra workshops for the first time in 2010 and since then he combines his dancing skills with tantric elements. He created several workshops with Gay Love Spirit. Most of them dealt with body awareness and  movement combined with an erotic and sensual interaction between men.


E-mail: yousef [at] gaylovespirit.org

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Robert discovered Tantra back in early 1986 as he was searching to balance his work as corporate executive. Later that year he met Andro in Berlin and was trained by him in the course of several years. As from 1991 he was taking intensive trainings with Joe Kramer and Body Electric USA. After a one year training with Body Electric Europe in 1996 he started to give regular workshops as one of the responsible of Body Electric Europe until 2003, the year a large intimate Puja Circle was offered for the first time. He met Thomas back in 2002 and was organizing with him the first Summer Eros Retreat in 2005. Always interested in new approaches that combine Spirit and Sex he is exploring many aspects of the tantric path. He has been facilitating many workshops with gaylovespirit until 2012 when he decided to take a time off dedicating his entire energy to the final years of his corporate live. 
This year 2019 marks his come back with a new approach, Hypnosis and Eros, a concept he developed together with Herwig. Their first workshop in Munich in June 2019 was a true success motivating them to do more together.

Title: Erotic and tantric masseur (Liège, Belgium)

E-mail: robert [at] gaylovespirit.org

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Periklis is a professonal dancer and performer. He teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga after having completed his education in New York, as well as Ashtanga Vinyassa Yoga after many years of devoted practice and workshops with important teachers like Manju Jois and Nancy Gilgoff.
He loves and explores the nature, functionality and multidimensionality of the human body and mind. He is still and always creating his path through different ways and techniques.
He offers Tantric, Erotic massage, Reiki and Yoga.


Mobile: +30 698 013 8269

E-mail: periklis [at] gaylovespirit.org

Individual Sessions:



Marc „ThunderSong“ Hagmaier is a trained Voice-, Breath- and Speechteacher, who also took singing Masterclasses with Peter Elkus in Amsterdam and Hamburg; his emotional-based singing method influenced his way of working with voice and expression very much. Ever since he was looking for a way to use voice as a „healing instrument“ and he began experimenting with different kinds of overtone chanting and other ways of using the voice in an unconventional way. In 2001 he did a Sound-Healers-Training with Tom Kenyon, which added some new techniques and more confidence to his work as a Soundhealer. Since 1998 he walks the shamanic path in the tradition of the Black Bear lineage. He integrated shamanic healing techniques and meditations into his life and his work, for which he is very grateful, because it brought more intensity and joy into both. He works in his own practice in Karlsruhe and gives individual healing sessions and workshops. Born 1968


Mobile: +49 (0) 7240-92 60 15

E-mail: marc [at] gaylovespirit.org

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At the age of six, Michael spent six months begging his mother to send him to ballet classes. His mother, though somewhat surprised, finally gave in to her son’s desperate pleas!
Since then Michael trained for eight years at The Royal Ballet School before dancing and performing with many different dance and theatre companies, including Scottish Ballet, AMP, and the Lindsay Kemp Company. He has also choreographed major productions in dance and Opera both in the UK and abroad.
In 2002 Michael trained as a Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis instructor, then followed by a two-year comprehensive training with the Pilates foundation UK. He has also qualified on another two-year training as a craniosacral therapist through CTET in 2009. He is currently learning Thai Yoga Massage!
Michael loves the work of Gay love Spirit and can never have enough hugs (move over Amma!)


Mobile: + 44 79 71 48 73 61

E-mail: michael [at] gaylovespirit.org



Tommi Hirsch lebt in Wien und arbeitet in Wien als Coach im Bereich Sexualität, Work Life Balance und Tantra. Er hat eine klassische Coaching Ausbildung und beschäftigt sich seit mehreren Jahren mit Tantra und Körperarbeit. Er bietet in seiner Praxis einen sicheren Raum um neue Erfahrungen machen und alte Verletzungen heilen zu können. Er arbeitet mit Einzelpersonen und Paaren und kombiniert klassisches coaching mit Körperarbeit um ein ganzheitliches Wachstum zu ermöglichen.

Tommi ist auch Gastgeber und Co Trainer bei den Seminaren in Hartberg. In diesem besonderen Rahmen kann er auch seine Leidenschaft für das Kochen ausleben und seine Gäste mit allen Sinnen verwöhnen.



E-mail: coach [at] thomashirsch.at

Web: https://www.thomashirsch.at/

Individual Sessions:




Herwig is a passionate hypnotist.
Hypnosis brings you to yourself. The experience is much more intense and images arise in your head and you can make an incredible journey.
Let your subconscious surprise you... it is often different than you might consciously think, it is very emotional, wild, erotic. Touching becomes more intense and it becomes a unique experience.


Title: Hypnose | Lifecoach___

E-mail: h.mayr [at] mehrleben.eu

Web: http://www.mehrleben.eu/



Cüneyt (Translated from turkish as “little warrior with the seeing hand“) is a healer, trainer, teacher and artist. He has his roots in Turkey and lives and practises in Germany in his own practice, specialising in indigenous healing methods for a new age.

Cüneyt was initiated into the art of spiritual healing in 1996, and has been following the shamanic path of healing for over 10 years. His teachers include Dancing Thunder (Medicine man & Chieftain of the Susquehannock), Wai Turoa-Morgan (Maori and Matakite) and Ahamkara (Kam - Sibirian Shaman).

His educationalist studies, training as healing practitioner and coach, and his considerable experience through this work have given him a firm basis, which has allowed him effectively to bring over and communicate spiritual themes in a fun way. He gives individual sessions, talks and seminars, and leads a training group.

“It is said that Love opens a door from one heart to the other. So, where there is no wall, where should a door then be“ Rumi


Mobile: +49 521 7809478

E-mail: cueneyt [at] gaylovespirit.org

Web: http://www.integrative-arbeit.de

Interviews from Cueneyt:


David Chavez

David gives Tantric and embodiment sessions mainly in Umbria, Rome and Brussels and he travels sometimes around Europe and gives his sessions also in other places. David guides you to get your soul back into your body enabling you to go deep into your body, into a transformational process that will change the way you perceive Spirit in yourself, making you realise that you are Spirit/God/Source. The Source will no longer be just an idea or a concept but an evident reality: you can feel it in the body with your physical senses, in any moment and experience and in your relationship with others. His sessions are a personalised combination through shamanic touch, sound activation (also known as sound healing) and tantric bodywork / massage.

To see more about his work and related workshops visit


E-mail: david [at] gaylovespirit.org

Individual Sessions:



Tony is an experienced sound therapist and yogi, who combines the use of mantras and healing sound with his knowledge of yoga and tantra. At present, he facilitates mantra-kirtan evenings, and Nada yoga workshops worldwide.

In addition he runs week retreats in Italy, UK, and Belgium combining yoga, meditation, chanting, and sound healing.


Mobile: + 44 (0) 78 68 16 45 85

E-mail: tony [at] gaylovespirit.org




Siegmar offers erotic massage and tantric rituals in Berlin.

Since 2006, he has incorporated the styles of his various teachers into his own ‘tantric path’. When he discovered the world of Gay Love Spirit at the Summer Retreat in2008, he finally found his family.

He would like to make this energy and his own talent for bodily touch available to you in your everyday life. For a tall, powerfully built man, he approaches his spiritual and physical energy in a particularly sensitive manner. His massage will help you to rediscover your sensuality.

You will feel safe and secure, and able to let yourself go completely.


Mobile: +19 163 613 02 65

E-mail: siegmargaymassage [at] gmail.com

Web: https://gaymassagesiegmar.wordpress.com/

Individual Sessions:



Miquel lives in Barcelona and colaborates in Gay Love Spirit Workshops in Barcelona and Madrid.
Since several years he dedicates a lot of time to Tantra, meditacion, Yoga, Shamanism and Spirituality.
Miquel is trained as “Tantra Body Worker advanced Level” and “Deep tissue Specialist” by “True Tantra”.
He offers Sessions of Tantra and erotic Massage in Spain and occasionally in Germany.
A Session with Miquel may vary from soft to very intense, from hot erotic to healing.
Miquel offers his spanish fire energy, the touch of his hands, and the warmth of his heart to create a unique experience for you.
Using all his tools, tantric respiration and physical sounds will touch your Body, mind and spirit in a very profound way.
Miquel offers individuel Session, gay couple workshops and 4 hands sessions with his partner.


E-mail: miquel [at] gaylovespirit.org

Individual Sessions:



Since some years Pietro has taken part in various Gay Love Spirit workshops and he has successfully concluded the Two Year Training. He has started to give individual sessions in late 2010 and he is really in love with this work.
Pietro does his best to make Gay Love Spirit known in Italy: he looks for venues, answers all the italian inquiries and he organises our workshops in Italy. He is in charge of the updates of our italian website. Pietro likes to help as many Italian gay men as possible to start their personal development with Gay Love Spirit.


Mobile: +39 331 21 96 969

E-mail: pietro [at] gaylovespirit.org

Web: http://intimatetouch.wordpress.com

Individual Sessions:


João Pedro

Born in Portugal, raised in France, João Pedro grew up biculturally. He is curious by nature and interested in the interplay of Eros and physicality. After an intense weekend of erotic massage, he took part in the Gay Love Spirit Training 2014-2015. João Pedro gives great individual lessons in tantric massage in Paris and advises clients.



Mobile: +33767996106

E-mail: joao [at] gaylovespirit.org



Francisco is trained as a physiotherapist and bodyworker. Using his magical hands he gives tantric sessions in Cologne.

Francisco speaks German and Spanish (no english).


Mobile: +49 (0) 162 777 0003

E-mail: francisco [at] gaylovespirit.org

Individual Sessions:



Uli Busch walks on the tantric path since 2003. He is trained in tantric massage by Robert and Thomas and by the Bodyelectric School in the US and in Germany. He is also trained in Hawaiian Energie Massage (Lomi Lomi Nui).


Mobile: +49 (0) 171 7437344

E-mail: pianobusch [at] tronet.de

Individual Sessions:




Txema took the path of the yogi 10 years ago.  He has undergone several intensive trainings, including an Ashtanga Yoga teacher training in India and a long Agama Tantra Yoga training in Thailand. He has also studied meditation, pranayama and the philosophy of yoga. He places great emphasis on combining tantric energy work with yoga.

Txema practices yoga daily with great devotion. He lives most of the time in Thailand and is every year also a few months in Europe. He speaks Spanish, Basque and English.


Mobile: + 66 94 590 55 80

E-mail: txemita123 [at] yahoo.es

Individual Sessions:


Aaron Star

Aaron Star, a teacher of yoga since 1997, moved to New York City at the beginning 2001 and founded the exclusive members only Hot Nude Yoga studio. Building off the success of this underground sensation, which was featured in Time Out New York's “Skin City” issue, the Advocate, and was on the cover of the New York Blade, Aaron and his Hot Nude Yoga teacher’s hold classes at his Chelsea Studio in Manhattan. He has crafted and specifically designed Yoga sequences for both beginner and advanced students. Aaron has taught Yoga for a decade, is a certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher and has advanced training in Tantra Yoga. Dedicated to healthy natural cooking and clean living, Aaron also makes his own brand of all natural Jam that he sells to friends and students, while running international retreats and teacher training’s around the world that attract an international group of men.


E-mail: hny [at] hotnudeyoga.com



Daan van Kampenhout (1963) has been a shamanic practitioner for more than 25 years, he had traditional teachers from various shamanic cultures. He works internationally and wrote seven books about classic and contemporary shamanism and about systemic ritual, a form of constellation work developed by him. His work has been translated into ten languages. Daan lives in Amsterdam and Berlin.


Mobile: TBC

E-mail: daan [at] gaylovespirit.org

Web: http://www.daanvankampenhout.com



Noam Feldengreber is a certified teacher of the Feldenkrais method, specializing in work with musicians, especially opera singers. For 12 years, Noam has worked in New York, Berlin, and Tel Aviv with musicians, conductors, and artists.


E-mail: feldenoam [at] gmail.com

Individual Sessions:


Unter Tango

Paul has been dancing Tango Argentino since 2007. From the very beginning he knew, that he would not accept the heteronormative restrictions and rules that are connected to that dance. Very soon he found out that for him, the only way to dance Tango would be with bare feet.

He teaches Queer Tango Argentino to beginners or advanced dancers who want to feel both connection and freedom while dancing with whoever they want.


E-mail: untertango [at] gaylovespirit.org

Web: http://facebook.com/unter.tango